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Road Surface Recycling remains open and accessible to our customers during this difficult time. We are adapting and can provide a Go-To-Meeting Presentation for anyone who is interested in learning about the HIR technology. 

Email to set up an appointment. 

Celebrating our 25th ANNIVERSARY!

RSR roads stand the test of time, here's the proof!

Are you ready to make a positive change for your community county/municipality? 

Climate Change is real and we need to do our part to save what resources we have left for future generations. We are here to say that there is technology to build Stronger, Faster, Greener and Cleaner roads! 

The RSR Hot In-Place Recycling (aka: HIR or HIPR) process far exceeds the current way roads are paved today and we have been working for than 20+ years as paving contractor s. We are not here to replace conventional paving. We are an additional tool in the toolbox of your infrastructure road engineers, when resurfacing. 

Now is the time to consider what many are calling the roads of the future because they last well into the future and cost half the price! 

With the Paris Climate Agreement in place, we need to step up and make sure we embrace hot in place recycled technology that can significantly reduce Greenhouse Gasses. Here is Canada's Mid Century Long Term Strategy. We need to let our government leaders to embrace the HIR technology.

Request a Presentation

Do you want to pave more kilometers with the same tax dollars and cut greenhouse gasses?

Meetings with all the key departments is critical and we all need to work together to make changes. If requesting a meeting and presentation, be sure to invite the following department heads or a representative to the presentation: 

  • Roads Engineering
  • Infrastructure Heads
  • Mayors
  • Counsellors
  • Any Key Decision Makers who oversee your roads  maintenance and rehabilitation are welcome! 

Action Creates Change!

A short 3 minute video showing what Global Warming is doing to our earth. We cannot ignore the effect we as humans are having on the ecosystem of the world. We can do our part and start to Recycle Right, truly do it correct. Lower Greenhouse Gasses. We are 100% Hot In-place Recycled Asphalt Paving. 

We cannot replace conventional paving but we can reduce the need to produce waste, additional quarry damage and blasting, trucking which ruins our current roads, and produce less GHG's overall. 



100% Hot In-place Recycling

100% Hot In-place Recycling

100% Hot In-place Recycling

Rob Bowerman - VP Sales & Operations  Road Surface Recycling

Road Surface Recycling gave an amazing presentation at the OGRA Show in late February 2020. Check it out here....know the facts of how HIR works and how this is a game changer for all taxpayers. The time is now to work smarter: 

Ontario Budget Review

100% Hot In-place Recycling

100% Hot In-place Recycling


Ontario municipalities worry about going in the red due to COVID-19. 

 A group representing Ontario’s municipalities is asking the province to commit enough cash to keep cities from going into debt amid concerns that COVID-19 will throw them into a fiscal hole so deep they can’t climb out. 

The Role of Human Activity

100% Hot In-place Recycling

Sudbury, Ontario tests Hot In-Place Recycling to Save Money!


The panel also concluded there's a better than 95 percent probability that human-produced greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have caused much of the observed increase in Earth's temperatures over the past 50 years.

Sudbury, Ontario tests Hot In-Place Recycling to Save Money!

RSR is Presenting at the OGRA 2020 Conference

Sudbury, Ontario tests Hot In-Place Recycling to Save Money!


Sudbury tests Hot In-Place asphalt recycling to save money for its Taxpayers! The Mayor and Councillors like Mr. Bill Leduc were instrumental in adding HIR to their road maintenance program. We all need to work together to understand the positives of the HIR process. 

Greater Sudbury recently approved an extra $811,000 to test recycling asphalt on 30 kilometres of city roads. This is on top of the $700,000 it set aside last summer for the Hot In-Place pilot project. This is great for the HIR Industry, the Environment and for taxpayers. 

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RSR is Presenting at the OGRA 2020 Conference

RSR is Presenting at the OGRA 2020 Conference

RSR is Presenting at the OGRA 2020 Conference


We are proud to share that our VP of Sales & Operations, Rob Bowerman, will be presenting 100% Hot In-place Recycling to the attendees of the OGRA Conference on Sunday February 21, 2020. We will share how HIR can lower GHG's and pave more roads with taxpayer dollars. 

 He will  discuss the environmental factors of paving and the effects of GHG's as it relates to the paving  industry process. Solutions on how HIR can aid in the reduction of RAP piles that have become problematic. 

HIR cannot replace asphalt plants. By working together with conventional paving contractors, we all can help achieve the GHG emission targets for Canada set by the Paris Climate Agreement.  

77 Countries, 100+ Cities Commit to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

RSR is Presenting at the OGRA 2020 Conference

RSR is Presenting at the OGRA 2020 Conference


The Climate Action Summit brought together more than 65 Heads of State and Government as well as leaders of sub-national governments and the private sector.

Announcements made during the day included commitments by 77 countries, ten regions and over 100 cities to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

An initial report on implementation of plans presented at the Summit is expected to be delivered at COP 25 in Santiago, Chile.