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About Road Surface Recycling

Communication with Hot In-place Recycling Paving Contractors is key to success of any company.

Communication is the Key to Success!

  • When it comes to coordination and communication during RSR Hot In place Recycled projects Road Surface Recycling promise's TRANSPARENCY. 
  • Road Surface Recycling works to keep our clients informed about all the  environmental and monetary savings available.
  • As a client you will be provided with a “Daily Work Activity Sheet,” which will include job specific information such as: daily totals, incremental log of square meters, tonnes, rejuvenator consumption per 100-meter lane increments, mix temperatures, thickness test, weather conditions, air voids, end result recovered asphalt cement with a  minimum 58-28 binder PG grade and much more.  
  • All the information is transmitted via a secure link directly from the onsite technicians.  
  • We have been providing this type of detailed transparency for more than 20+ years to our customers...11,000 lane kilometres 100% Hot In-place Recycle paved and still going strong. We are now back in Ontario Canada and look forward to being your choice, when choosing a Hot In-place Recycling  Paving Contractor. 

RSR Hot In-place Recycling is Environmentally safe and saves on non-renewable resources.

We Care About the Environment

  •  At Road Surface Recycling  Limited we are paving the way for future generations with the newest technology in the Hot In-Place Recycling. We have spent years developing a state-of-the-art paving train that will recycle asphalt 100% on-site and cut down on greenhouse gases by 70%
  • We also minimize traffic congestion and have a finished road available for motorist at the end of each day. 
  • Paving this way saves taxpayer dollars 
  • The RSR process allows 30% more kilometres to be paved by 100% Hot In place Recycled paving process; compared to the same conventional paving contractor budget. 
  • Road Surface Recycling 100% Hot In-place Recycled Asphalt has a proven track record of cost efficiency and longevity. Records show that our resurfaced roads have lasted up to 20 years. Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary paving process and how our equipment works.  
  • We look forward to connecting.

Celebrating our 25th ANNIVERSARY!

RSR roads stand the test of time, here's the proof!

Are you ready to make a positive change for your community county/municipality? 

Climate Change is real, and we need to do our part to save what resources we have left for future generations. We are here to say that there is  technology to build Stronger, Faster, Greener and Cleaner roads! 

The RSR Hot In-Place Recycling (HIR or HIPR) process far exceeds the current way roads are paved today and we have been at for more than 20+ years paving contractor experience. We are not here to replace conventional paving, we an additional tool in the toolbox of your infrastructure road engineers, when resurfacing. 

Now is the time to consider what many are calling the roads of the future, because they last well into the future and cost half the price! 

With the Paris Climate Agreement in place, we need to step up and make sure we embrace hot in place recycled technology that can significantly reduce Greenhouse Gasses. Here is the Canada's Mid Century Long Term Strategy, we need to let our government leaders know we want to embrace HIPR technology.

Request a Presentation

Do you want to pave more kilometres with the same tax dollars and cut greenhouse gasses?

Meetings with all the key departments is critical and we all need to work together to make changes. If requesting a meeting and presentation, be sure to invite the following department heads or a representative to the presentation: 

  • Roads Engineering
  • Infrastructure Heads
  • Mayors
  • Counselors
  • Any Key Decision Makers who oversee your roads  maintenance and rehabilitation are welcome!